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Our Herbal Offerings


With our Dups Herbal medicines we offer treatment that provides cure to patients with chronic illnesses, we trust our herbs and it is provided by a professional shop assistant, we treat illnesses such as; STIs (Bogcunsula), Boils wounds (Libhande), Ulcers, Piles (Umhlume), Sidliso, Pubic flies (Timabatane), Fibrosis (Tigadla esinyeni), Stroke, Arthritis


Dups Herbal has created more than just treatments, there are however some other herbal supplements to boost your health; supplement boosters- operations mixture(umhlabelo), snake repellents(emahlungu), fungal mixture(luhlanga), libido booster(umvusankuzi), tokoloshe mixture


Dups Herbal also provide lucky bar soaps that will help you draw good luck and fortune; lucky oils, lucky soaps, bath salts, powders(tinsiti), herbs (barks and leaves)

Dups Herbal Shop is a specialist provider of traditional herbs and pharmaceutical products. Our products have helped thousands of people with wide ranging ailments. We work as a wholesaler to traditional healers and assist on chronic illnesses to the public. Our products have proven to be effective as a lot of our patients have recommended our herbal products to family and friends. We are committed to ensuring a healthy nation by providing tried and tested products which are in line with all relevant traditional medicine regulatory acts and Quality control regulations.

Dups Herbal has proven itself over the years as a specialist in healing the following:

  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Ulcers
  • Piles
  • Sexually Transmitted diseases like drop, genital warts, inner & outer rash etc.
  • Back Pain



Mbabane Dunseith Building

Manzini below the fruits and vegetables market

Simunye next to the bus rank

Nhlangano next to KFC



Email: info@dupsgroup.com

Tel: (+268) 2505 4806

Cell/WhatsApp: +268 7602 6422

Manzini Main Branch: (+268) 2505 4806

Mbabane Branch: (+268) 2404 2727

Simunye Branch: (+268) 2323 8397

Nhlangano Branch: (+268) 2207 7649


Operating Hours for Manzini Herbal Shop:

  • Mon-Friday- 8 am – 5pm
  • Sat- 8am – 1pm