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Safety is everything at Eaton South Africa

Eaton South Africa is a global giant in the Electric, Automotive, Aerospace and Hydraulics industries. For Eaton, Safety is everything. Clipping Point Media has been contracted to produce a new series of Environmental, Health and Safety Induction Videos for their business contractors, visitors and staff. In addition to the video, Clipping Point Digital is developing an online portal within which, visitors can watch the safety videos and take a short online questionnaire to ensure their understanding and acknowledgement of the video.

Creating WRXceptional Offers from Subaru SA

If there ever was a good time to buy a Subaru, August was it! CPM was tasked to originate a retail campaign to sell the 2019 Subaru WRX ES Premium. WRXceptional Offers was born and the team produced this new campaign in record time. Production included Social media Assets including Insta and Facebook Stories; web pages, online registration forms, TVC’s

Green Outdoor Gyms Fleet gets a makeover

As Green Outdoor Gyms continues to install outdoor gyms across the country, Clipping Point Media has given their fleet of vehicles, fresh new faces. The fleet of 6 x Bakkies and 2 x 12-ton trucks has been strongly branded. The designs as well as the branding application to the vehicles has all been implemented by Clipping Point Media. The vehicles make such a strong brand statement. #WellnessChampions now with more presence on our roads.

Selling out the Greatest Sports show of the Year

In 2018, our team was instrumental in building a new loyalty and lottery system for tickets to what is dubbed the best sporting event of the year – The Cape Town 7s. This year, the second phase of the project was initiated and saw more than 80 000 tickets getting to fans in just a few weeks. We refreshed the website for the 2019 campaign (initially built by us too), designed and managed all comms with the loyalty fans to get tickets into their hands.