GOG Group of Companies

Including Green Outdoor Gyms; GOG Lifestyle Park Lanseria; GOG Kids Harties, GOG Gardens Soweto | Leisure/Health & Wellness​

Campaign Showcase: Full-Service Marketing South Africa 2017

The GOG Group of Companies include a predominantly B2B outdoor gym company as well as three Outdoor Lifestyle Parks focused on entertainment and health and wellness. Clipping Point Media continues to service GOG on a full-service marketing basis, but a key campaign was originating a whole new Group-wide brand and Marketing strategy. Key Deliverables: Brand launch | PR | Video and Animation | Design | Social media management | Search Engine Marketing | Website Design & Development.



  • Develop a new site that would encompass the whole group into one online property.
  • Include a UX that was unique to each company brand within the site navigation.
  • Improve SEO across all brands and pages.
GOG Website by Clipping Point Media